Saturday, July 13, 2013

IKEA Hack: "Heat" Turned Mini Bulletin Boards

I am possibly as obsessed with IKEA lately as I am with makeup.  (The difference being I can generally afford makeup, but can't just go buy everything I want from Ikea.)  I love that so much of their stuff is great as-is, but can also be easily modified to fit exactly what people want for their homes.  There are even websites out there that focus specifically on "hacking" their products in this way, such as my personal favorite: IKEA Hackers.

Inspired by all of the projects I've seen on IKEA Hackers and various Pinterest pins, I decided I'd give it a shot with something small for starters.

I purchased the "Heat" cork trivets, which come in a pack of three for $2.99 USD.  They are 7" (or 19 cm) in diameter and thick enough that I can stick a push pin in them without it poking through the other side... which is good, since that's exactly what I'll be doing with them.

I started by going online and finding designs I wanted to paint on them.  I printed the designs on regular paper (I didn't have any card stock on hand) and cut them out.  I tried using a pencil to trace the designs onto the cork, but it wasn't showing.  I ended up using a ballpoint pen, which just barely showed, but worked fine because that meant the paint would cover the lines well.

After tracing the designs onto the trivets it was time to fill them in with paint.  I chose two shades of bluish-green (a turquoise and something that very well could be considered cerulean, hehe) craft paint and a bright white one.  It took three thick coats for it to look really good.  The cork sucked up the first coat like a sponge.  (Or like cork.  Whichever.)

I can't completely finish the project for a few days.  I'm waiting for the magnets to come in that I plan on adhering to the back of them.  I am going to put them on my refrigerator to use for posting reminders instead of using a bunch of plastic magnets.  (I just don't like the way they look.  I know, I'm weird.)  So it's not totally done, but here are the pictures anyway.

All Apologies...

It has been a disgustingly long time since my last post, and for that I want to apologize.

In July of last year I had broke my foot and was stuck in bed post-surgery.  I had a lot of time on my hands and was able then to spend that summer writing and setting up blogs.  When school started back up (I teach) I found it incredibly hard to balance performing all of my work-related duties on crutches and maintaining projects such as Cerulean and Pink.  And then I just found myself wrapped up in so many things with work once I was out of the walking cast... You know how it goes.

But I miss doing the projects that are just "me"--not related to teaching or doing things for the kids or anyone else.  So in order to make sure I'm taking time to focus on things that I enjoy, I will be making a greater attempt at getting on and posting entries more frequently and consistently.

I won't make any promises, but I will give anyone reading this permission to spam me with comments shaming me in the event I go back to hardcore slackin'.