Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saw It Online: July 2012 Edition

What's trendy on Pinterest this month?

3. Chevrons
From clothing to nails this design is everywhere; either done simply with two colors, or by getting funky with multiple colors.  This is a simple, yet stylish and sophisticated pattern that many people love.  I like it myself, in moderation.  Others may find it reminds them of traffic signs...

 2. Braids
This is pretty classic and you can't go wrong with this one.  The basic idea behind each style is to include some variation of the braid into your hairstyle, usually some sort of up-do.  This is great for work, as you can pull everything back tightly and neatly or you can wear it out by letting some strands fly free.

1. Ombre
When you see this incredibly overused term, it just means that the item in question is not one uniform color, but that it is graduated in color from light to dark.  One end will be a lighter shade of the color and it will slowly build up to the darker shade at the other end.  This one makes me giggle, mostly because it seems to be seen most in hair.  It wasn't too long ago that when you looked like that it just meant it was time to get your roots touched up.  I'm not in love with this one, on hair anyway.  I don't mind it on clothing and nails.


  1. I'm pretty excited about the popularity of "Ombre Hair". LOL. For once, I can claim I'm going for a particular look instead of trying to explain, my hair just naturally turns a bajillion different shades of colors.