Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hard Candy Bronzer Review

Hard Candy just isn't very tasty...

When I was a young'un (like, 13) I wore foundation and powder by Covergirl (it was trendy to have a Covergirl compact), tons of black or brown eyeliner (far more than I do now) and mascara (far less than I do now). That was my entire makeup kit.

The teen magazines at the time touted the greatness of products by a brand called "Hard Candy". At the time, it was a popular and reputable brand. One of my closest friends at the time actually owned some of it, and boy was I jealous of her! I stuck to my kit though, eventually bringing in cheaper Jane and Covergirl eyeshadow... and even more eyeliner. I never owned anything by Hard Candy.

Until now...

I was in Walmart a few months ago and stumbled across a shelf full of it. I was excited to see it had made a reappearance, and at lower prices than I remembered from years before.

I needed a new mascara, so I decided to give it a shot. What a giant waste of money! It took several more coats than I usually apply and it still looked bad.

A couple weeks ago I went on a mission to find a bronzer that wouldn't just make my face look dirty. I searched the makeup aisles at Walmart (trying to stick to my ever-tightening budget), but everything looked too dark. Then I saw it--a light gold bronzer on the Hard Candy rack. (The "So Baked" Bronzer to be exact.) Seven bucks. Not too bad. Bought it. Hate it.

The shit won't even come off the cake onto my makeup brush in order for me to apply it. I had to scratch at it with my fingernails to get it to budge, and even then the color I did manage to get onto my face was weak and way too light. I am really pale! There shouldn't be a bronzer on Earth too light for me!

I will not be wasting anymore money on Hard Candy, unless there's some super sale on it and then I'd only buy lip glosses. (It's hard to mess up lip gloss.)

My guess is, a lot has changed with the products' formulas since first made popular in the mid-90s. I'm apparently not the only one disappointed in the new products. For more about the changes in the Hard Candy line of cosmetics, click here.

Can you see it?  It's on there.  I promise.

(This article was originally posted on my old blog, Glamoursaurus Rex, which is now defunct.)

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