Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Avon Lip Balms Review (and a Better Alternative)

One word: Gross.

Avon had a sale on their lip balms. I'm a lip balm addict, so I decided to stock up. Bad move. (I should know better than to stock up on stuff I've never tried before. Huh?)

Here are the items I purchased and some quick remarks for each...

Dew Kiss Lip Dew: Cheap chemical taste. Lasts for awhile, but not worth the "what the heck have I put on my lips?" concerns.

Flavor Savers Lip Gloss: Cherry flavor? Um, no. Definitely just cheap chemicals again. Wears off fast.

Slick Tint for Lips: Bought in "Glossy Opal" and "Glossy Wine". Colors totally weird and tacky. Chemical taste yet again.

There was another one I bought, but I think it was a limited time thing, as it's not on the site anymore. It was something that was supposed to be chocolate flavored. It was nasty tasting and smelling. It wasn't long-lasting either.

Bottom line: Avon lip balms are a waste of money.  Additionally, some of them have questionable ingredients.

For a good, better-for-you lip balm, check out NOW Foods' Completely Kissable Pomegranate Lip Balm.  This is the best stuff I've ever used--even better than Chapstick brand--and is on $1.18 currently at Swanson Vitamins.

(A version of this article was originally posted on my old blog, Glamoursaurus Rex, which is now defunct.

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